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Happy Hour Tennis


Tennis Central is proud to launch our Happy Hour Tennis weekly events for the neighborhoods and business in the Mclean area! This unique experience allows one to not only to blow off some steam from the work week with some drinks but also being able to enjoy quality tennis. At our events, we provide high quality catered in food from local restaurants, beverages and bar service, and world-class coaches on site to provide a fun and enriching experience for our guests! This opportunity can all be available to you if you RSVP today for one of our weekly events held on Friday's from 6:00pm-9:00pm at our beautiful Hamlet facility.  Contact us today to book your spot or reserve a date for a special event! 


For Reserved Events, We Can:

  • Provided a targeted coaching plan for different party styles to provide the best experience (ex. philanthropy event for a business being provided with team building exercises)

  • Provide a customizable catering experience where we can assist you in picking our your events desired food and drinks (includes allergy restrictions)

  • Provide additional amenities for different types of events (ex. birthday parties with decorations & cake)

For booking, reservations, or questions contact via or call (202) 255-7754

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