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Products & Services

Court Reservation App

The Hamlet Swim & Tennis Club is a private club where only Members have access to the courts. Only current Members of the Hamlet Swim & Tennis Club can reserve a court on the app. 

To sign-up is really simple, you will have to: 

1) Create a profile HERE

2) Go to "Family" on the left side of your dashboard and add your family members.

Once this is done, let me know and I will manually add your membership and you will get a confirmation.

If you have questions or get stuck, please let me know and we will go through it together.

String 48 Racquet Customization

Most stringing services are about volume. At String 48, we are about quality craftsmanship. We don't string rackets, we customize them! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and never cut corners. Your racquet is customized by a Certified Professional Tour Technician. Let us show you the difference!

For more information visit or email

Racquet Sales

Let us make choosing and buying the right racquet easy and convenient for you. We are an official Babolat dealer.  You can request demos and purchase racquets for all ages directly through us.

Discount on customization with new racquet purchase,

The Sweet Spotter

The perfect shot can only be achieved when all 5 sweet spots converge. The only tool available today to reinforce that Convergence is the Sweet Spotter. 


Simply hit balls and let your body naturally adjust to the correct postural, point of contact, zone of contact, racket head, and sweet track sweet spots all at once.

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