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Our Fall program is 8 weeks from August 31 - October 25 outdoor at the Hamlet Swim & Tennis club. 


We offer the opportunity between private lessons, semi-private lessons, or small PODS. 


For the PODS, we place kids based on their age and level. They train together for the season so that they get to know each other and so does their assigned coach.  This creates social bonds and accelerates their progress.

Here are the two options to register for our Fall Programs:


Option 1: You create your own POD, find time(s) and day(s) that work for the group, and we reserve the POD for them for the 8-weeks Programs. You get a special deal if you create your own POD.  


For this option, the scheduling goes on a first come first serve basis, so please let me know as soon as possible which time and day work for the group so I can reserve the time if it's still available


Option 2: If you can't find any common availabilities, you can register your child individually, and we will try our best to place him in a POD that works for him.


For this option, please fill out this availability form to register, and I will get back to you with group options for the Fall: FORM

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* Prices shown are for the full session for Hamlet Members.  Please contact us at for the non-member pricing.

AGE: 3-5

The Mini Spartans program is by far the most comprehensive and immersive tennis program for kids. Through a variety of skill-based activities that promote fun and play, each young player trains all the skills required to excel at the game of tennis and soccer.  We use the European Player Development System that accelerates each child's improvement exponentially to maximize their talent and ignite their love of the game. 

AGE: 6-8

Through a variety of hand-eye coordination activities and targeted ball control and footwork exercises, each young player accelerates his/her tennis learning curve.  The Spartan Plus program is designed to ramp up their tennis IQ, technical skills, ball control, efficiency, and further increase a strong affection for the game and inspiration to improve.  

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AGE: 8-12
The Titans Jr Academy takes it up a notch for our young players.  Focused on developing strong technical, mental and strategic foundations, this is the path for those in elementary school that aspire to play on their middle school and high school tennis teams. Get ready for accelerated improvements! 

Titans Jr Academy is for kids 8-12.  We accept exceptionally talented younger kids with the approval of the Tennis Director (please contact us at to discuss.)


We offer two teams in the Titans Jr. Academy, and our #1 goals is their fast progression to the next level and admission in the Tennis Central Academy.

Please select the correct level for your child.  We reserve the right to reassign players once they are in the program in their best interest.


This team is designed to inspire players with little experience and those not yet able to rally balls consistently with a love for tennis and show them a vision for what is possible for their game.  Our gentle methodology combines proper technique with low-stress exercises and games to create confidence, muscle memory and a level of comfort with the basics. Players should be motivated to learn quickly.  Committed players in Titans Jr Academy Yellow typically move up to Titans Jr Academy Green within 6 months.


Titans Jr Academy Green is designed to bring intermediate-level players up to compete at the next level. Participants should be comfortable with tennis fundamentals, be able to rally the ball consistently and have a good level of fitness to rally with players of all levels. In this class they will play more live-ball drills that introduce strategic comprehension and develop their tennis IQ.

AGE: 12+

Get ready for accelerated improvements!  Our 1.5 hour training sessions are fast, intense and challenging.  Levels are identified quickly and each gets level-specific coaching.  Academy is for kids 12+.  We accept exceptionally talented younger kids with the approval of the Tennis Director (please contact us at to discuss.)


For our younger players class focuses on technical development, confidence boosting, and strategic exploration. 


For our more seasoned players and those competing in tournaments, this program is play-based and not shot-based which means that we re-create all the strategic scenarios players will face to develop the best responses to each situation. For those players that are determined to play for their varsity high school team and have aspirations to play in college, this practice should be combined with our Atomic UTR competition.


We have TWO STAGES in our competitive development. Please select the correct level for your child.  We reserve the right to reassign players once they are in the program in their best interest.


These are players that will gradually be introduced to competition. They range from low-intermediate to intermediate players. The common thread between them is that they lack competition and typically fear it.  Our process is perfectly designed to turn their fears into might and boost their confidence. Committed players in Academy Orange typically move up to Academy Blue within 6 months.


Our Academy Blue team is for high-performance players. Tennis is a circuit sport which means that successful participants are used to playing tournaments regularly. This transition is where the tennis industry loses most of the youth interest. Our care combined with our advanced coaching knowledge guarantees a smooth progression from fearing competition to having a winning mindset and tools to succeed.  Our Academy Blue players are committed to playing at least 1 tournament a month.

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